3 Hair Growth Tips to Kick Start Your Hair Growth Journey

3 Hair Growth Tips to Kick Start Your Hair Growth Journey

Whether your hair is 1A or 4C, your hair has the possibility to grow. The main objective to growing and retaining your hair growth and hair health is to |/protect, nurture, and stimulate your strands. Here are a few tips for growing and protecting long, strong and healthy hair.

Protect Your Hair from Breakage 

Protecting your hair from breakage can seem like an impossible task. One of the most important tips is to remain consistent with a healthy hair care regimen. When we think of a healthy regimen, we should consider what raw ingredients and products would help and contribute to slowing the rate of breakage and increasing your hair's flexibility. Incorporating oils like flaxseed extract and castor oil into your hair care regimen can increase the chances of restoring your hair and help it be at it's healthiest. For optimal protection we recommend you pair our Curl Quenching Hydrating Shampoo with our Curl Quenching Hydrating Conditioner. An additional method of protecting your hair from breakage is caring for your hair while you are sleep. A silk scarf or bonnet is a great method to ensure that your hair is properly covered and protected. We recommend our Secure Your Slay bonnet to protect your hair while you sleep. 

Stimulating the Growing and Conditioning Process  

Hair grows on average about ¼ to ½ an inch per month but that doesn’t mean you can’t get stronger strands. There are ingredients that can also aid in stimulating the growth process of our hair follicles. Ingredients such as Fo-Ti Root Extract and Bamboo Extract. Fo-Ti root extract helps stimulate hair follicles during the growth phase by encouraging cells at the root. We recommend using the Stimulating Growth Serum to help boost your natural growth process. When our hair needs additional treatment, sometimes a hot oil treatment is necessary. In protecting and nourishing our hair, we recommend our Moisture Lock Sealing Oil to help seal in moisture and protect hair from damage. 

Hydration. Hydration. Hydration

 If you don’t do anything else, remember that properly hydrating your hair is the most important thing that you do. Our body and hair thrive on the nourishing power of hydration. Using the right moisturizer will take your hair far! Grab our Flourish My Follicles bundle to cover everything that you need for hydration. 
Now that we have given you a few tips on achieving your growth, we are sure this will be beneficial for your goals.  
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